13:e Protein Import is excited to announce the acquisition of Nordisk Hälsokost

GROUP NEWS | 27 June 2021

13:e Protein Import formalized a dynamic agreement with Nordisk Hälsokost, an innovative health and wellness brand with roots tracing back to its establishment in 1949.

Under the visionary leadership of Svante Lindell since 1992, Nordisk Hälsokost has consistently evolved, prioritizing growth, quality, and the highest standards in product and delivery security. A pivotal moment in 1994 saw a strategic relocation to state-of-theart facilities south of Stockholm, aligning with the demands of a rapidly expanding enterprise.

Nordisk Hälsokost’s strategic relocation underscores dedication to meeting evolving customer needs, ensuring continued growth and adaptability. This partnership marks a significant milestone as we pool our resources, expertise, and dedication to propel the health and wellness industry forward.

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