Custom supplement products: a guide to the manufacturing process with 13:e Protein Import

MARKETING | 28 March 2024

In the competitive world of dietary supplements, product quality and reliability play a key role in ensuring a company’s success. In this article we will explore the manufacturing process of dietary supplements, focusing on how we at 13:e Protein integrate our experience and expertise into every step of the process to provide the highest quality and customization.

1. Collaboration and product development

The process begins with product development and formulation, led by 13:e Protein’s research and development team. Partnering with our customers is critical to creating successful products. We work closely with them from the initial stage, listening to their needs and goals to develop unique and innovative formulations. With the assistance of the 13:e Protein team, customers can create customized products that meet their market needs and branding goals.

2. Sourcing of raw materials and laboratory implementation

Raw materials for dietary supplements are carefully selected by 13:e Protein from reliable and certified sources. We collaborate with selected suppliers who share our same values of quality, sustainability, and traceability. Raw materials are then implemented in the company’s state-of-the-art laboratory, where product prototypes are made. Using a semi-automated process, 13:e Protein ensures superior quality control and flexible production to meet each customer’s needs.

3. High quality production and meticulous control

Our production facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure maximum precision and consistency. Every step of the process is controlled by qualified experts working to strict production standards. This ensures that the final products meet the highest industry standards and meet customer expectations.

4. Custom packaging and label design

In addition to producing the supplements, we offer assistance in selecting the most suitable packaging for each product. In addition, the company works with clients to design external labels that meet all applicable regulations and standards, ensuring regulatory compliance and attractive product design.

5. Reliable and global delivery

Finally, 13:e Protein offers a reliable and global delivery service to its customers, thanks to an extensive logistics network covering a wide range of destinations. This ensures fast and safe delivery of products to customers around the world.

Commitment to sustainability and the environment

At 13:e Protein, we are committed to green living and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We prioritize eco-friendly production methods, from raw material sourcing to product distribution. We choose recyclable packaging and promote sustainable packaging practices to help conserve natural resources. Our logistics network is designed to reduce carbon emissions and promote responsible distribution.

Our commitment to sustainability reflects our desire to make a difference in the world and to help create a better future for all.


The process of manufacturing dietary supplements with 13:e Protein is a work of precision, quality, and customization. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of our team, 13:e Protein has established itself as a reliable partner for companies looking for high-quality, customized products.

With constant attention to detail and a commitment to maximum customer satisfaction, we stand out in the industry through a number of unique strengths:

  • No minimum order: by eliminating minimum order requirements, we offer our customers the flexibility to order only what they need, ensuring greater operational efficiency and optimized inventory management;
  • Endless recipes: our wide range of recipes and custom formulations allows customers to experiment without limits, ensuring continuous innovation in their product assortments;
  • Expert assistance on best-selling products: our team of experts is always available to assist customers in selecting the products best suited to their specific needs, contributing to their business success;
  • Super-express delivery: thanks to our extensive and efficient logistics network, we offer a super express delivery service to ensure timely order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Turn your ideas into products of excellence with 13:e Protein!

Would you like to find out more about how 13:e Protein can help you make your own customized, high-quality supplement products? Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs. We are here to support you every step of your manufacturing journey. Click here to contact us now.

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